Immerse yourself in the local culture with an unforgettable festival experience

This festival is not only must-see but also must do!! Come and celebrate with us to create wonderful and unforgettable memories in Fujinomiya.


The Mt.Fuji local autumn festival is held every year to give thanks for a good harvest. It is held at Fujisan Hongu Sengen Taisha Shrine, a UNESCO world heritage site, where the locals worship the goddess of Mt.Fuji . This is an important local festival with over 1200 years of history, and a tradition that has been handed down over generations.
In the festival, you can see 20 Dashi (floats) parading around the town. Locals aboard the floats would engage in a competition with the other floats as they try to outshine each other with music played using traditional Japanese instruments.


En-Ya Mt. Fuji Ecotours will provide 12 guests the opportunity to experience authentic Japanese culture through an exclusive festival tour.
This tour allows you to participate in a historical local festival that is held once a year at the bottom of Mt. Fuji, interact with the locals, and experience rural life in Japan. You will get the chance to join the festival in Takane district, and take part in the traditional float pulling activities, as well as, celebrate with the warm-hearted locals with some traditional dancing and sake made with fresh Mt.
Fuji spring water. This exclusive festival tour is made possible by En-Ya's continued collaboration with the local community in the development and improvement of ecotourism in Fujinomiya.




Price and Booking

¥ 86,400 per person


  • Fujinomiya city, Shizuoka
  • Culture
  • 2 days
  • Nov 4th
  • Basic
  • Low
  • 11:00
  • 12 people (minimum 4 people)
  • Shin-Fuji/Fujinomiya Station

What's Included

Participate in local autumn festival
Lunch(only day1)
Traditional clothes( Happi coat and pants)
Original presents
Dinner(Japanese home cooked meals)
1 night accommodation (including breakfast)
Transportation to/from Shin-Fuji stationn
English speaking guide

What's Not included

It will be quite cool during the night, please prepare warm clothing.
Long sleeves T-shirt and pants(for the festival)
Black or dark-colored pants(for the festival)

Terms and Conditions

To reserve an ecotour payment in advance is required. Please note the following cancellation policy is in place. We conduct the tour in all weather except in the case of typhoon or other natural disasters. When this happens, we will cancel the tour and there will be no charge. 20 days or less before - 20% of tour cost 7 days or less before - 30% of tour cost The day before - 40% of tour cost The day - 50% of tour cost After tour starts or no show - 100% of tour cost



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