Hike hard in Japan's nature-filled countryside...

This area may be known as Snow Country, but it’s not only beautiful in the winter. The springs and summers in Snow Country are gorgeous and mild, and the mountains lose their coat of white and instead put on a lush blanket of green. In autumn, the mountains change again to a veritable rainbow of yellows, oranges, and reds.


If you’re in Japan this spring, summer, or fall, why not surround yourself in nature and take a hike? We have prepared hikes of many different intensities, and this page is for booking our most intense hike, good for experienced hikers who love a challenge. This hike is longer and more grueling than the others.


This hike will start easy with a ride up a Ropeway to Tenjindaira, and then you will summit two peaks, and finish at Tsuchitaru Station, 6-8 hours later, depending on pace and how long the breaks are.


25,000 JPY for up to 3 people, then 2,500 JPY more for each additional person—if you would like a guide familiar with the trail to join you, sign up today! We'll send an experienced guide and provide transportation to and from the trail as well as a snack. This rate includes tickets on the ropeway.

Price and Booking

¥ 25,000 per person


  • Tsuchitaru Station, Niigata
  • Hiking / Trekking
  • 6 hours8 hours
  • Jun 5th to Nov 30th
  • Advanced
  • High
  • Tsuchitaru Station

What's Included

Experienced Guide
Snack on the trail (i.e. rice ball)
Transportation to and from trail head

Terms and Conditions

We want you to have a great time exploring Japan's wilderness, and we want you to be safe doing it. We'll do all we can to ensure your safety, but you must also do everything you can to be safe and follow advice given by your tour guide. We take no responsibility for any damages or injuries that occur due to carelessness or not following instructions.



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