Harvest wild mushrooms in the Mt. Gassan Geopark

Enjoy a diverse fall adventure in the abundant nature of the Gassan Geopark and Shonai Region. Hike Mt. Gassan, gather wild mushrooms, and learn how to prepare them in multiple, delicious ways. Tour the sacred Mt. Haguro, and relax at a beautiful zen temple and its expansive Japanese garden that has been designated as a national treasure of Japan.  


In this tour, participants will join veteran mountain guides and native English speaking translators on a hike through the forests and rivers up Mt. Gassan where they will be instructed on how to identify and harvest a variety of delicious mushrooms that are abundant in the early Fall.


Participants will also enjoy a cooking class led by locals from the surrounding villages on how to prepare and cook the mushrooms you have gathered in a variety of cooking methods including tempura, hotpot, miso soup, pasta, and even pizza!


This tour has been organized and will be led by locals in the Shonai Region including a mix of Japanese and international residents living in Shonai.



Price and Booking

¥ 55,000 per person


  • Tsuruoka City , Yamagata
  • Culinary, Hiking / Trekking
  • 2 days
  • Sep 7th to Oct 11th
  • Average
  • Moderate
  • 10:00am
  • 2
  • The Food Ever Visitors Center next to Tsuruoka Station

What's Included

Transportation within the Shonai Region
An experienced mountain guide and expert in foraging wild vegetation,
A cooking class for the wild mushrooms you harvest.
Lodging at a mountain lodge on Mt. Gassan
A bilingual guide who will accompany you from start to finish

What's Not included

Transportation to and from the starting and ending points of this tour.
This tour will start at a visitors center next to Tsuruoka Station in Tsuruoka City.
Personal Travel Insurance
Personal costs incurred during this tour (souvenirs, etc.)
Any unscheduled travel
Suitable Outdoor Clothing
Rain gear if necessary

Terms and Conditions

Please make your reservations at least 7 days in advance.



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