A 5-day experience under the direction of 13th Generation Yamabushi.

This is a full 5-day Yamabushi training experience under the direction of 13th Generation Yamabushi, Master Hoshino. It takes place on Mt Haguro and Mt Gassan - Mt.Haguro, Mt. Gassan and Mt. Yudono are the three Sacred Dewa Mountains in Shonai.

Mt. Haguro, which refers to ‘the PRESENT life’, has 2,446 beautiful stone steps towered over by old cedar trees and has acquired the Michelin Green Guide Japan 3 stars as well as the Japan Heritage Designation. Mt. Gassan, which refers to ‘the PAST, the mountain for the souls of the dead’, is the main training place of Dewa as well as the highest (1984m) among the three mountains. Mt. Yudono, which refers to ‘the FUTURE life after rebirth’, is famous as a hot spot from the ancient times for Yudono belief; the place of rebirth.

"Yamabushi training is the simple philosophy of placing yourself in nature and feeling, not thinking, in order to rejuvenate back to your true self." - Takeharu Kato (local Yamabushi guide)

Yamabushido is a new word that we are using to describe the wider practice of the Yamabushi (mountain priest training), as we explain it to an international audience. It includes not just the mountain training, but also the philosophy and the values of the Yamabushi. The aim of Yamabushido is to provide something for international guests that they can use powerfully even after they have returned to their ordinary lives.

During training, guests stay at the Daishō bō pilgrim's lodge; an important Shugendo location. Such pilgrim lodges until recently were reserved for Shugendo initiates, but with our training the doors are open to you too.

Price and Booking

¥ 300,000 per person


  • Dewa Sanzan, Yamagata
  • Culture, Hiking / Trekking, Other
  • 5 days
  • Jul 24th
  • Average
  • High
  • AM
  • 15
  • Tsuruoka station

What's Included

Accommodation & all meals
17th generation Yamabushi Master Guide & English speaking local Yamabushi Support Guide (certified)

What's Not included

Transport to and from the tour


  • Yamabushi dressing in robes
  • Yamabushi on mountain top
  • Yamabushi training evening meal
  • Yamabushi trainees hiking
  • Yamabushi training with fire
  • Yamabushi trainees preparing for waterfall meditation
  • Yamabushi training hike in  temple
  • Yamabushi training meditation


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