Hike in Tokyo's nature, experience the living and culture in the secluded area, taste Sake, authentic Tofu and Soba!

In this activity, we will experience Tokyo's deep nature.

It is very different from the metropolitan Tokyo (signs at Shinjuku, the crossing of Shibuya).
1.  After a 90-minute train trip from Shinjuku, we will hike up to the 2,600-foot mountain, Takamizu (高水, means 'High' 'Water'). On the way, we will experience the living in remote area and the little temple in the forest. 


2. We will hike with little talk of  how Japanese people see the mountain as sacred and a place to train the body and purify the spirit.

This is systematized in Shugen-do, a variation of Buddhism and Shinto. 


3. We'll go down to the riverside, which is filled with beautiful blue water, and visit the 300 years old sake brewery and its flower garden. 
(Non alcoholic options available)
Great Sake should be made with pure "living" water. Authentic Tofu or Soba too. We can try even smoked tofu (taste like cheese! Really). 


*This experience will last almost 7 hours to go back to Shinjuku.


<About the guide>

I am a Japanese nature enthusiast with 5 years of intense experience in adventure in mountains.

With a full time job at an investment company, I have spent over 100 days in the mountains during the last 3 years, climbing, alpine climbing and running.


2016: climbed 6,810m Ama Dablam in the Himalayas.

2017: completed 4 days female Yamabushi monk (as a female, Miko)  training in the Dewa Sanzan mountains at Dewa Sanzan shrine, Yamagata.

2018:started guiding for clients in Japanese mountains.



<Reviews from guests>

Joshua from Canada :)

”Haruko was very kind,helpful and friendly. We went away from the city and into nature. The hike was very peaceful and the scenery was beautiful. I experienced amazing things and I wouldn’t have seen on my own. I recommend people to travel outside the city to enjoy Japan as a whole.”


Merel :)

"I had a really great time hiking with Haruko. It was really hot that day and she decided to take us for a walk along the river instead of taking us up the mountain. It was beautifull. The path was very nice and we even got in the river with bare feet and drank from it. Haruko is such a wonderfull and kind host. She told us interesting things about Japan and the great value of nature for them. I also loved the sake tasting and the tofu we had on the way. Would really recommend it especially if you want to step outside the hectic city and breath some fresh air."


Price and Booking

¥ 4,800 per person


  • Okutama, Tokyo
  • Culture, Hiking / Trekking, Winery
  • 7 hours
  • Sep 27th
  • Average
  • Low
  • 8:00
  • 10
  • Shinjuku Station, South Exit, in front of Information Center


What's Included

Map and emergency kit
Location map, tape for ankle twists, anti-inflammation, antibiotic, headlamp, bivy sack
Seasonal snack
Basically vegan snack made with seasonal veggies or beans

What's Not included

Light snack for activity
Water for activity
Transportation fee (2,000 JPY round trip from Shinjuku)
Extra money to try Sake, Tofu or buy souvenirs

Terms and Conditions

Please wear training shoes, training wear with back pack. We will hike almost six miles and hike up 2,000 feet. Some people may feel a part of trail is steep.



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