An early spring island getaway featuring a volcano crater hike, onsen hotel with stunning views, island made shochu tasting session & more!

This Trip Features:

  • Weekend Island Getaway
  • Onsen Hotel
  • Volcanic Crater Hike
  • Izu Island Shochu Tasting Session

Oshima is the largest of the Tokyo Izu Islands located approx. 120km from the mainland. We will be cruising out to the beautiful island on Friday evening to make the most of the weekend! On Saturday we will be hiking to the crater of Mt Mihara, the dormant volcano at the centre of the island. The hiking trails are well marked and maintained and the trail begins at our hotel. This is a unique and very scenic hike with beautiful views over the ocean to the surrounding islands and even Mt Fuji! We will hike right up to the crater where we can see down inside. From the crater we will also hike through the Oshima Black Desert and other scenic spots in the surrounding area. As well as our trip leader we will also be accompanied by a local guide which will allow us to reach some interesting areas that are otherwise normally inaccessible. 

After our hike we will return to the hotel to relax and soak in the hot spring onsens. There are stunning views from the outdoor onsen at our hotel and its a great way to wind down after our hike. After dinner at the hotel there will be a tasting session of several varieties of Shoshu made on Oshima and the other Izu islands. On Sunday there will be an optional half day hike or you can spend free time exploring the islands hot springs and other sightseeing spots. Looking forward to a fun weekend on the island!

Price and Booking

¥ 29,800 per person


  • Oshima, Tokyo
  • Culture, Hiking / Trekking, Onsen (Hot Springs)
  • 3 days
  • Mar 31st
  • Average
  • Moderate
  • 10:30
  • Takeshiba Ferry Terminal

What's Included

Round trip reserved tickets on the large passenger ferry. Tokyo ~ Oshima ~ Tokyo.
One nights accommodation in the Oshima Onsen Hotel.
Breakfast on arrival on Saturday and breakfast on Sunday morning.
Dinner on Saturday night
Bento packed lunch for the hike on Saturday
Local island based hiking guide for Saturday
Local island made shochu tasting session after dinner at the hotel.
Trip leader for the whole trip



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