En-Ya Mt. Fuji Ecotours

Explore the outdoors and culture at the foot of Mt. Fuji!

Fujinomiya City is located southwest of Mt. Fuji and has rich forests and mineral water in spirngs fed by Mt. Fuji. The local people have always been respectful of and fascinated by Mt. Fuji, and have lived according to the traditional culture of the area. Fujinomiya has 7 World Heritage Sites in the city. Fujisan Hongu Sengenshita Shrine is one of those sites. It was built 1200 years ago to calm the eruption of Mt. Fuji, in accordance with the culture. This centrally located and stately shrine is respected as a symbol of the city. 

Join En-Ya Ecotours powered by local operator Ecologic on English, fully guided cycling and hiking tours through Yuno Village, downtown Fujinomiya and of course Mt. Fuji! 


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