Dancing Snow Myoko Outdoor Adventures

Year-round outdoor adventure company in the Mt. Myoko area. Ski and snowshoe tours, hiking, sea kayaking and canoeing.

Dancing Snow Myoko Outdoor Adventures prides itself on being a real local guide center. We’re bilingual, our guides local Japanese or long-term Japan residents. We know the backcountry, we know the local culture—and great ways to enjoy both.

Director Bill Ross has been guiding in the mountains here for 20 years, and founded Dancing Snow six years ago to better serve an increasingly international clientele. 

Our roots are in backcountry ski and snowboard guiding in the mountains around the Mt. Myoko area. But that doesn’t mean you have to be an expert skier or boarder; we also go on snowshoes and light telemark skis for hikes and slides in the beautiful woods and fields further down the mountains. In fact, we enjoy taking people with no snow experience at all out to enjoy the beauty of the Myoko area in winter. Come celebrate the New Year with our January 1 hike up to the shrine in historic, beautiful, natural and even a bit mystic Togakushi.

In the summer, Dancing Snow provides customized trekking and hiking tours to the local peaks, as well as along the many trails found throughout the area. Check out NHK television’s 100 Famous Mountain series as Bill is your guide to Mt. Hiuchi, the highest peak of the area and an outstanding destination for Alpine flowers, wildlife, and spectacular views that stretch on a good day from Sado Island far off in the Sea of Japan, along the Japanese Alps, and often all the way to Mt. Fuji.

We also are experienced sea kayak and canoe guides. For beginners, we can start on the gentle waters of nearby Lake Nojiri then move on to the first experience in the waves along the nearby seacoast. We regularly take multi-day tours close to home at Awashima Island and Sado Island, and on to Noto Peninsula, Lake Biwa and the Wakasa Coast in Fukui.


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