Cycling Holiday Tokyo

Cycling Holidays around Tokyo

We are Cycling Holiday Tokyo, providing E-bike Tokyo short & deep bike tour, in English.


Explore Tokyo's deep route, knowledge and inspirations on one-way concentrated 3 hours bike trip.


E-bike makes most of the things easy. Join our party and enjoy really nice and easy bike sightseeing. 


--  Tokyo 3 hours E-assist bike concentrated one-way tour.

      Morning / Afternoon / Evening


Tour Description


Why us?


*Using E-bike  ( )

Fun and easy for all ages. Climbs and head wind, E-assist will make you smile! No training needed. Just come and enjoy!


*One-way trip

Does not have to go back to the starting point. Short 3 hours of efficient and concentrated fun one-way ride.



Offering Tokyo bike tour since 2002. Knowing the unknown Tokyo. All the tours are different, not just when but the theme itself. Connecting with routes bike would enjoy.

Route sets are by Japanese bike tour guide pioneer, Takashi Niwa.


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