Bungy Japan

Japan's premier bungy jumping experience

Bungy Japan has 9 years of experience in Japan bungy jumping from bridges and towers and are the only company in Japan that offers bridge bungy jumps. We’ve jumped from 9 different bridges and towers around Japan and currently run operations from 4 locations. Bungy Japan is a specialist in infrastructure tourism, using regional and national bridges.

Bungy Japan was established in 2007 by Beau Retallick and Charles Odlin. Charles was involved in the first bridge bungy jumping in Japan in 1995

Bungy Japan is committed to the philosophy of personal growth via personal challenge, and we strive to provide a positive and rewarding experience in a safe and controlled environment. Bungy jumping is an exciting chance to face your fears, test your will, and realize your own potential, offering an experience that you’ll never forget. We take pride in helping every jumper discover the inner strength to overcome their fears by providing an extreme test of courage in a safe, professional but fun environment.


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