Arigato Japan

Culinary tours around Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto

We are Arigato Japan Food Tours and our goal is to help you make delicious memories of Japan during your travels to Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto! On our tours you’ll taste local and regional specialties like okonomiyaki, yakitori, sashimi, taiyaki, gyoza, nabe, yakisoba and so much more. We will show you places locals cherish for an off-the-beaten-path, foodie experience of daily life in Japan that you won’t soon forget.


In Japan, we truly believe life is not about the end but the means– quality over quantity. Having a bad meal here is almost impossible. Now you might ask why join a food tour?  If Japan has such great food in every corner, why do I need someone to explain it to me?

Why join a food tour? Here are just a few reasons!

  • Understand and appreciate food more
  • More Variety
  • Get insider tips from locals
  • Meet fellow travelers
  • Maximize your time and experience
  • Understand Japanese table manners and cultural Dos and Don’ts

Learn more about the food, manners, culture and insider’s info of the unique places that we visit. All our staff speak English, we are happy to help answer your questions and we are dedicated to giving you an experience that is a fun and unforgettable part of your trip to Japan. Head over to our Tour Page now and book your own foodie adventure!